1. says

    That looks delicious! I use dried cranberries in baking, but I’m not sure why I don’t use them more often. I’m sure your sauce would be great with a lot of things. Thanks for linking up to Get Inspired 🙂

    • Mary Ellen says

      Pork and cranberries are made for each other. I have found it is better to add them like I did this one. When cooked for a long time it turns the juices from the pork a funny color. Tastes great still, just not as pretty.

  2. Hannah says

    What is a good substitute for apricot jelly? I happen to be allergic (weird allergy, I know). Would an orange marmalade maybe work?

    • Mary Ellen says

      Hi Hannah, yes the orange marmalade will work just fine. I was looking for a touch of citrus when I developed the recipe. Lemon would work also. It was also used as the sweetener in the recipe instead of additional sugar.

    • Mary Ellen says

      That is so strange, they were there! I just re-added them, this is pretty easy to make. Thanks for letting me know.

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